AG Metrology provides accredited Proficiency Testing  according to ISO/IEC 17043:2010.

The accreditation issued by PJLA in accordance with ISO/IEC 17043:2010 is the formal recognition of AG Metrology as an accredited Proficiency Testing Provider (PTP).
The comparisons organised and evaluated by AG Metrology consist in the calibration of suitable instrumentation, then follows the evaluation according to pre-established objective criteria (calculation of the normalized error).


Electrical quantities


Electrical safety

Relative Humidity


Dew point


Air velocity

Optical measurements

Acoustic measurements


PTs: Electrical

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PTs: Pressure

PT 17043P_03 – EPTIS ID 852258

Calibration of relative negative Pressure Gauge from 0 to -95 […]

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PTs: Electrical safety

PT 17043S_01 – EPTIS ID 882556

Fault loop impedance measurement 1. Z LINE: line impedance phase-neutral […]

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PT 17043S_02 – EPTIS ID 882562

Trip out time (RCD t) and Trip out current (RCD […]

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PT 17043S_03 – EPTIS ID 882638

Dielectric strength test Item: Multifunction Tester Model: Quadtech Sentry 30 […]

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PT 17043S_04 – EPTIS ID 882600

Ground bound resistance measurements. Item: Multifunction Tester Model: METREL MI […]

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PTs: Humidity

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PTs: Temperature

PT 17043T_02 – EPTIS ID 708010

Proficiency Testing: IPRT Calibration Item: 4 wires IPRT Model: Hart […]

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PT 17043T_03 – EPTIS ID 708020

IPRT with a Digital Readout Thermometer calibration  Item: IPRT with […]

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PT 17043T_02 – EPTIS ID 848623

Proficiency Testing: SPRT calibration Item: 4 wires resistance thermometer Model: […]

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PTs: Air Flow

PT 17043AV_01 – EPTIS ID 935490

Calibration of Air velocity meter up to 30 m/s  Item: […]

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PTs: Dew point

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PTs: Mass

PT 17043M_01 – EPTIS ID 935474

Calibration of set of weights of class E2, 1 mg […]

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PTs: Acoustic

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PTs: Optical


Illuminance up to 400000 lx   Item: light meter Model: HT […]

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